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Business Solutions

The Opportunity

As a leading provider of white label comparison services we offer the following as standard

  • Providing customer unparalleled choice
  • Market leading rates of monetisation
  • Backed up by robust regulatory compliance
  • Flexible technical configuration able to integrate easily into your on and off line customer journeys

This is combined with our unique ability to provide comparison services for any product regardless of the whether existing technology is available as a results we can ensure the widest selection of product and panel.

The Service – “Configurable Insurance Product and Price Comparison Platform”

What is it

  • Able to build whole of market panel catering for niche as well as standard risks
  • Accessible as fully responsive white label or API, with panel commercials or without


  • Active question sets targeting and validating risk factors
  • Ability to interrogate panel systems in realtime or host panel products where no quote engine available giving a unique whole of market panel
  • Can integrate external data sources for full enrichment and identify fraudulent behaviour
  • Full product features and benefits
  • Dynamic product cross sell and bundling engine
  • Transparent performance MI and fully secure GDPR data audit and protection
  • Scalable both in volumes (currently >1 million quotes a day) and products (10 products currently live and 4 week product build lead time)

Product Providers

We are always on the look out for new insurance providers to join our panels. Our systems are already integrated with all back offices suppliers and we (uniquely) offer the ability to host your rates for products where no quote engine exists.

Please feel free to contact our partnerships team on partner@quotethemarket.co.uk

About Us

While QuoteTheMarket.co.uk is a new company (started 2018) its roots go back to the beginning of price comparison. The founders had previously started up Quote Exchange which provides comparison services to MoneySuperMarket.com and CompareTheMarket.com and also worked for Confused.com.

The Quote Exchange operations were subsequently merged into QuoteTheMarket.

QuoteTheMarket.co.uk is the comparison service specialist within the “insurance to insurtech” group pH Innovate.